Hall of Fame

Top 10 MVP

RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameTotal Points Contributed to Team
1LeonCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe98
2TimAllenGolf Goofers94
3SamMorganThe Duntryleague Tribe88
4SteveStojanovicThe Duntryleague Tribe80
5SamPowellWeapons Of Grass Destruction80
6MitchellPearceWeapons Of Grass Destruction78
7JohnClydeEasy Bird78
8RhysHoranGolf Goofers72
9ZachCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe65
10NathanBarryGolf Goofers59

Top Money Earners

First NameLast NameTeam NameTotal
SamMorganThe Duntryleague Tribe$45
RobbieMustacThe Duntryleague Tribe$35
BobbyRosserThe Gilmore Happies$25
MarkMaybinGolf Goofers$25
ZachCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe$20
JohnClydeEasy Bird$20
LeonCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe$20
TimAllenGolf Goofers$20
LukeHughanGolf Goofers$15

Ball Winners

First NameLast NameTeam NameTotal Balls
SteveStojanovicThe Duntryleague Tribe4
ZachCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe3
LeonCheneyThe Duntryleague Tribe3
RhysHoranGolf Goofers2
MitchellPearceWeapons Of Grass Destruction2
SandroRossetoThe Duntryleague Tribe2
LukeHughanGolf Goofers2
NathanBarryGolf Goofers2
DaveWatsonEasy Bird2
SamPowellWeapons Of Grass Destruction2
SamMorganThe Duntryleague Tribe2
KiernanBrandWeapons Of Grass Destruction2
DylanTodmanEasy Bird2
TimAllenGolf Goofers2
BrodieMarkwortEasy Bird1
JohnCoglanWeapons Of Grass Destruction1
DavePetersonEasy Bird1
SamCooteThe Gilmore Happies1
JoeBluntWeapons Of Grass Destruction1
JohnClydeEasy Bird1
AaronSkeltonGolf Goofers1
MarkMaybinGolf Goofers1
BenWilliamsThe Gilmore Happies1
ScottyRosserThe Gilmore Happies1
KeeganHardingWeapons Of Grass Destruction1